New and Used Cars from Japan market

I. Car types: New or USED

  • New: from Dealer Directly in Japan
  • USED: from Auction or Dealer/Collector Directly in Japan and other countries

II. Car Category

Category Origin Steerling MOQ
Passenger Cars Japanese Cars Right 5 units
Foreign Cars Left or Right 1 units
Bus Japanese Cars Right 1 units
Truck Japanese Cars Right 1 units
Heavy Machinery Japanese Cars 3 units
Bulletproof Japanese Cars Left or Right 1 units
Foreign Cars Left or Right 1 units


Japanese Cars Foreign Cars Bus Truck Heavy Machinery Bulletproof

Japanese Car


Foreign Car


III. Payment and Commission

  1. Payment
  • First buyer: 100% Cash advance by T/T
  • Since Second buyer: 80% with PO and 20% exchange with B/L copy
  1. Commission
  • Commission: 10% of total costs as FOB on Japan port

 IV. Regulation and Minimum order Quantity (MOQ)

1. Regulations

  • ONLY Classic/Luxury Cars(Foreign Cars above US$100,000/unit) are available to deal with INDIVIDUAL (B to C)

2. Minimum Order Quantity: MOQ

Category Origin Deal with MOQ
Passenger Cars Japanese Cars Business 5 units
Foreign (Other) Cars Individual / Business 1 units
Bus Japanese Cars Business 1 units
Truck Japanese Cars Business 1 units
Heavy Machinery Japanese Cars Business 3 units
Bulletproof Japanese Cars Business 1 units
Foreign Cars Business 1 units


Passenger Cars Japanese Cars
RIGHT HANDLE Toyota Lexus Nissan
MOQ:5 units Honda Mitsubishi Mazda
Business Only Subaru Suzuki Daihatsu
Foreign (Other) Cars
MOQ:1 units Mini Porsche Opel
Business/Individual AMG Maybach RUF
BRABUS Peugeot Citroen
Alfa romeo DS Automobiles Arpino
Renault Fiat Ferrari
Lancia Lamborghini Arbat
Autobianchi Land Rover Rover
Jaguar Aston Martin Rolls Royce
Bentley Morgan Lutus
TVR Austin Dameler
MG Maurice Panther
Trumph Healey Caterham
Railet BL McLaren
Ford Chrysler Jeep
Hummer Chevrolet Cadillac
Lincoln Dodge Mercury
Buick GMC Ponteac
Primus Winnebago Tesla
US TOYOTA US Lexus Volvo
Bus Japanese Cars
RIGHT HANDLE Toyota Isuzu Mitsubishi
MOQ:1 units Hino
Business Only
Truck Japanese Truck
RIGHT HANDLE Hino Isuzu Mitsubishi
MOQ:1 units UD Nissan Mazda
Business Only Toyota
Heavy Machinery Heavy Machinery
MOQ:1 units Komatsu Mitsubishi KUBOTA
Bulletproof Bulletproof
MOQ:1 units
Business Only


VI. Procedure

1. Inquiry Car Types (Letter of Intent)

Please share your particular info with us using by below Letter of Intent (LOI).

It is NOT OFFICIAL ORDER, just intent to understand what you want us to find your suitable cars in the market.



Please send below info via email


  • The Letter of Intent is NOT OFFICIAL APPLICATION
Steerling (handle)
Target Mileage (km)
Target Price (US$) FOB: not included Ocean Freight
Company Profile
Individual Profile * Foreign car only accpetable

We ONLY accept the inquiry using by above LOI, and other ways CANNOT accept.

Many potential buyers are asking, but almost of all, unfortunately, do NOT share their particular information with their company profile (or individual profile) so that we cannot process in next.

Please understand that we deal with auction markets, dealers, and collectors, and want to keep having our good relations with the valuable partners. It is IMPOSIBBLE to ask only for them without any information and particular inquiry and bother their valuable time asking only.

Also, we DO NOT have any inventories, so our price is very reasonable and simple as we get the car from them directly.


  1. References for inquired cars on auction market/dealer/collector

* it is NOT accurately same as the actual price on the market

  1. Agreement (Basic Agreement/Proforma invoice) contract
  2. Cash Deposit (first order; 100% cash in advance for first buyer)
  3. Arrangement Auction:
  4. Disclosure for expecting/inquiry cars information on the auction line-up before 2days of auction
  5. Auction day BIT
  6. Adjustment of payment within 5 days after the BIT on the auction if need.
  7. Paperwork with final inspection
  • Delivery successful bit and dealer/collector cars onto the designated point on Yokohama or Tokyo Port
  • Deliver on ocean freight with insurance mostly