Representative Message: 代表挨拶

World Gate LLC has been established in 2012 in Japan, as a trading company, which also started through Aha! Create LLC in the U.S. market during a time which our representative, Shimon Hamazumi, belonging his master degree course in his business school. The World Gate LLC now concentrates to deal with scarcity assets not to compete with big trading companies and has been building up our connections in the valuable assets market in the world, and also create such scarcity values especially in real estate market and classic cars in auction markets.

We are glad to assist our clients which enjoy their enrichment field/life without competitors through our service.




Born in Kanagawa Pref in Japan and worked in Nippon Telephone and Telegraph (NTT) for approximately 10years. During his master course in the US, he has set up his company as a training business and concentrate for scarcity value products in the world.



日本電信電話株式会社(NTT)に入社、約10年勤めた後、アメリカに経営学修士 留学。留学中に、貿易会社を起業。日本国内企業の仕入れサポートから、経営コンサルティングを開始。稀少資産の海外からの仕入れ、販売を担当するとともに、海外不動産、レストラン開発などを担当。海外コネクションから、海外から見た価値についての視座を持ち、国内の価値観から脱却した、事業開発に定評がある。