PROVIDE: 稀少価値を提供する。



  1. 商業用(B2B)
  • 海外不動産
  • 特殊繊維
  • 特殊化学

2.  消費者用(B2C)

  • 海外不動産
  • クラシック・カー
  • 宝石(ピンクダイア、ルビー他)
  • 現代アート

Provide:  scarcity value in existing products to specific needs for clients.

We procure scarcity value products which have demands and brand values in a specific market, and provide it to our customers. It is classified as commercial (B2B) and  consumer (B2C). Also, not just purchasing, we will purchase the optimum buying timing in order to raise the scarcity value, based on the exit strategy for increasing value. Also, we help our clients to release their scarcity value products into the market.

1. Commercial (B2B)
– Overseas real estate
– Special fiber
– Special chemistry

2. Consumer use (B2C)
– Overseas real estate
– Classic car
– Jewelry (Pink Dia, Ruby etc), Coral
– Contemporary Art