DEFINE: 稀少価値を定義する。

定義する(DEFINE): 特定のニーズ、マーケットに対して、稀少価値が高まるよう事業領域、強みを定義する。







  1. ブランド開発、定義
  2. ミッションステートメント制定
  3. 事業開発
  4. 事業再編
  5. 海外事業展開&買収

Define: business domain (fields) and strengths of company and personal to raise the scarcity value for specific needs and markets.

Along with the diversification of market needs, the business domain also should be changed as existing markets and target frameworks are transformed. Therefore, we are required to flexibly change the domains and missions of companies and individuals.

To raise the scarcity value is not only that the demand exceeds the supply, but also the reason why the competitors do not enter the same market. Furthermore, because there is no rival, the brand value will also increase.

In other words, if we cannot increase the scarcity value, which mean that waste of making strategy, in-house resources, it has been involved in barren competition, and we would lose physical strength as well.

Because improvement of technical capabilities, product development capabilities are also improved and products are easy to imitate, it is hard to create a difference with other companies, so we will help you to create scarcity value that will not compete with other companies.

We pridefully understand how to create scarcity value because our experiences are involved to create and provide scarcity values in the world.

We provide the following services to our clients.

  1. B2B services
  • Brand development, definition
  • Mission statement establishment
  • Business Development
  • Business restructuring
  • Overseas Business Development & Acquisition

2. Personal services

  • coaching
  • finding personal strength
  • managing personal strength for their missions