CREATE: 稀少価値を創造する。




  1. 海外不動産開発
  2. レストラン開発
  3. クラシックカー(オークションマーケット)

CREATE: Innovative value is created by working on “law of scarcity” and “utility” as for specific need and a market in the future.

We do not only create a situation where the principle of scarcity (demand> supply) happens, but also generate the utility by solving an essence of the problem or making a joy for specific market and target. We will provide new innovations to be evoked demand to create scarcity value.

a supply chain management as our strength is offered to below projects, which are one of our example what we can create scarcity values for our clients as turnkey solutions.

Oversea Real Estate Developments

  • Condominium
  • Villa
  • Restaurant

2. Oversea Land space/zone developments

3. Classic Car Value up Project